Mr. Sandman

(M: J. Weicht and J. Fred?n; L: J. Weicht)

Suddenly I woke up
With the sunshine in my eyes
Had a dream about you
That black rain keeps pouring down
Why are you in my dreams
I thought you didn't want me
Cold little stonehearted girl
I hope the memories haunt you

I hate those precious dreams
I hate when you say you love me
Morning of hopelessness
Big black storms spin round and round
Thrown out of the dream
Reality laughs and hits me
Humiliated by my self
By you're precious images

Mr. Sandman, take those dreams away
Mr. Sandman, give my dreams away to her

I fear the power of love
Afraid, to trust my feelings
I don't know what to feel
Dark dreams, brings back memories
Throw those dreams away
Put away the memories
If I've meant nothing to you
You ain't gonna get the pleasure


Please Mr. Sandman
Let me sleep forever
Please Mr. Sandman
Lete me dream forever now