State Of Putrefaction

Body in a state of putrefaction
I don't know what's taking over control of my mind
Scars and bruises covering my torso
Brain is feeling mushy, I can't hold a single thought

Body in a state of putrefaction
It is like I am dead but still alive
Deep inside me I can feel it taking over
Growing stronger by the minute

I'm gradually falling into pieces
Big festering wounds are starting to appear all over me
Obscure, defect
My dried out skin starting to crack up
Exposing my flesh, grotesque pain
End this life...

I must kill myself
I can't stand to rot away
This time I will succeed
Succeed to end this painful nightmare
Leave this rotted body behind

My wish for death has grown so strong now
There's only one thing on my mind
Before my eyes I see it pictured
Crystal clear, the way to die
With a firm grip around the rifle
I am starting my journey towards the tunnel of light
Putting the barrel straight into my mouth
One swift pull and my brain comes flying out

Bodily deterioration
In the mind obliteration
Determined to relieve myself
From this sick abnormal situation