Butcher Knife Impalement

13 inches of razor sharp cold steel
Buried right between her pretty chin and forehead
All the way down to the metal plated handle
Massive damage inflicted
Goosebumps on my skin as flesh surrenders to the steel
Body twitching, bleeding from the knife attack

Another victim left to rot with work of violence on her corpse
Gruesome mask of terror left with cruelty on her body parts
Grinding my way down through flesh
Tearing, hacking, slashing, bending
Impulse to expose

Homicidal, blinded by rage
Freezing my mind, my anger
Knife through the skull
Stabbed in the face
Grinded down
You will not survive
Suffer severe
From my butcher knife

Impalement - stab
Inflicting severe
Bodily harm
Violate your corpse
Relentless I stab
With my butcher knife
Raw fury
Rapid striking torso
Ripping, stabbing, poking, piercing

Instinct forcing my mind
Rapture, overwhelmed, redemption
Carve this motherfucker down
Impaled by butcher knife
Exposing brain substance

Twist the knife inside her head to force the skull in half
Play with gel-like substances, then smear it on my face
Sick twisted morbid obsession, in my perverse mind
Deranged in consciousness
I can't feel that what i've done is wrong

Free from guilt
Strike another blow straight up her cunt
Slicing up her vagina, remove her clit
Raping the corpse, cunt moist with blood
Smearing my seed on carnal remains