Forever Will I Roam

(Music and lyrics: De Feis)

Colder now, cold as the grave this town
darkness falls the death of another soul
empty lives the sins of the desperate
shattered dreams a moments betrayal, forever will I roam
forever will I roam

Forever will I roam a touch for a moment a scar for life
Silent drifter on a highway side
The heart of an angel, a killer's eyes

Sacrifice, slaughter the love we made
Blood and sand a victim of innocence
Crime of pride, killing emotion
Shroud of Tears inherit the wind, Forever will I roam
Forever will I roam


Speak to me, who are you anyway ?
Vision of long drawn pain
Calling and pleading
Baring the guilty one again

Colder now, cold as the grave this town
Darkness falls, the eyes of a nameless stranger close