Simon The Bullet Freak

Greater than to face it, give me your money.
Make my life sunny for a day.
Road that leads to nowhere, please stop your crying.
I ain't fit for dying this way.

Go steal another with your eye.
Go try some other heartless lie.

Now I have hope of speaking, bring back the moon.
Don't play your silly games with me.
Oh what a waste of daydream. What is your need?
I'm gonna bleed until you pay.

You've lost all sign of your direction.
You're only looking for the next one.
The next one to kill.

Ashes of destruction spread out so far.
Blackened nurses crying over me.
See a one time city, now just a scar.
Tears of the flower man fill the sea.

Give me a chance to fly away.
There's nothing here for me today.

Simon and the bullet freak.

(Repeat and Fade)