Metal Meltdown

(Glenn Tipton, Rob Halford & K.K. Downing)

Something's calling
In the night
Electric madness
Roars in sight
Heat is rising
Blazing fast
Hot and evil
Feel the blast

Out of control
About to explode
It's coming at ya
Here comes the Metal Meltdown
Run for your lives
Can't stop the Metal Meltdown
No one survives

Raging fury
Wired for sound
Nitro bombshell
Shakes the ground
High and mighty
Rips the air
Piercing laser
Burning glare
Temperature is boiling
Magnifying might
Feeding like a virus
Flashing light
Imminent collision
Shock waves all around
Generating energy
Screams so loud

Solo: K.K. / Glenn / K.K. / Glenn

It's comin' „? Meltdown
Start runnin' „? Countdown

Metal Meltdown, Metal Meltdown...