Willing To Be Free

What you wanna do
Where you wanna go
Who you wanna meet
You are the one to know

Don't let anyone
Tell you what to do
Tell you where to go
Tell you who to meet

Doin' what you want
Goin' where you want
Meeting who you want
You are the one to know

Don't let anyone
Say what you should do
Say where to go
And say who to meet

You should live
Doing whatever you please
Life is all you've got
Make it the best, start living now

Wait no more
There is no point in feeling bored
Let dreams lead your way
Live for today, living for now

And there will be no sorrow
Leave it for tomorrow
And all will be real in no time
And all your dreams will be real

No more made up fears will harm us
No more made up sins can stop us
We are willing to live in a free and better way