King Without A Crown

Words got lost in time
So did the days of my life
Cruel fate of mine
To heal the wounds in my mind

'Cause when the hope is gone, I'm alone
Behold my dusty throne

I'm to whom they'd bowed
Before the cry hit the world
All I had was sold
Became the blood out of gold

And in a cold recall, throw me a ball
Dance in my wrecked hall

My part is over now
My heart is broken down
Crown gone to waste
Feelings so bitter to taste

Farewell beloved land
They've come and tied my hands
Trespassed my reign
Laughing at the sound of my name

Pages meant to be read
Were torn apart, look at me now
A king without a crown

Starving my people die
Shadows demanding light
How come it got this far?
No more is for me to be done

Deprived of all my might
Denied the slightest pride
Onto nowhere I roam
To find some place and call it home