Dance Of Mortal Lust

Mistress of beauty come dance with me, Let your soul into my obscurity, Walk with me through the fields of fire, I will fulfit your utter desire, Feel the passion, enjoy the thill, Release the fear, follow your will, Come to me and confide your trust, Join me in this dance og mortal lust, A veil og darkness cloth the mountains, The sun demises in red reflections, I look at you with lustful intension, As my heart pounds with beastly affections, The chill of night don't make us cold, We embrace each other so intense, We walk through nocturnal landscape, And inhale this diabolic ambience, This world belong to us, This is our paradise, This world belong to us, This is where weakness demise, All the fantasies of my wicked mind, All the secrets locked up inside, Will find their way and bloom at night, When you come with me to my forbidden site, Come take my had and walk with me, Let me show you our infinity, Where lust burns and the beast awakes, Let me guide you to my diabolical self, This world belong to us, This lustful disguise, This world belong to us, This is where evil arise, How does it feel to lose control? How does it feel as I steel your soul? How does it feel as I make you undress? How does it feel as I ravage your flesh? An empty expression as your face turns blue, Your beauty has paled now that I am through with you, Your screams are silent, your prayers won't be heard, The circle is complete as you become dirt.