Three Minute Warning

Mama says there's trouble, yea trouble on the streets today
She says all the little ones got nowehere, nowhere to play
And she's right, yes indeed she's right
But she don't believe
That I will chnge it all someday

Peoble keep pushin' me, pushin' me everyway
They think I'm gonna keep takin' it, takin' it everyday
But they're wrong, yes indeed
I'm strong
Built for speed
I will change it all someday

There's a 3 minute warning
Before the wistle blows
There's a three minute warning, before I overload
I'll give you 3 more minutes 'fore I lose my head
3 more minutes an you'll wish you were dead
Thre's a 3 minute warning
Before I lose control
There's a 3 minute warnig before I overload

Gonna talk to Alex he's the only one who understands
There's nothin' like a stranger in a strange land
I'll get along, yes, I will
I'll be strong, strong until
The last day passes through my veins


- solo -

I'll get along ...