Dehumanize, the values of western life
posses me gain the possession of triarchy
We've researched human life
way they act, the way they die
Conclusion, life is fragile
so precious, so naive

We've created a certain deathtrap
to create chaos and fear
Limb by limb, tooth by tooth
we take the humanity away
We've created a certain solution
suicide, the death's illusion
Green stream flowing and flowing
blocking the red stream from growing
retro nightmares, arcane illusions
death to humans all all their delusions
Now the blood stream is growing and growing
blocking the green stream from growing
accusation of experementation
is tricked to create new prod nation

We are the rivals of pestilence
architects of lost reality
To tear down something you call "god"
To bash him down and to vomit his blood
We are here to dehumanize
or to some, to restore world to its former
Fuck mankind, so full of nothingness
so arrogant bastards...