Addicted to Lethal Injections

Deadly syndicate playground
infested with needles of our time
where human children tend to play
we are rebels to their cause

Two pistols in the hands of one
6, 6, 6, bullets divided for everyone
fewer to give, more to take
the one empowered by syndicate
the addiction grows stronger
the addiction grows stronger
you cannot resist the hunger
you cannot stop the plunger
Addicted to lethal injections
Addicted to lethal injections
as the human in us refuses to die
we choose to tear him apart
In you and in me
the same urge keeps us alive
When destroyed all human life
the syndicate smiles, the syndicate smiles

Feed the data: code: Dead, dead, dead
scorched earth policy, dead infants
new wave of intelligent life
sweeps your planet