Serenading This Dead Horse

Fall to your knees, fall to your weakness
It has become your standard
Consuming every word
Meaningless words from meaningless sentences
Where is the message? Where is the progress?
I will separate the past from the past
I cannot repeat the same mistakes we used to
Shed another tear as I stab you in the chest
With pieces of your broken heart
Fuck your broken heart
Why can't you let this die?
Let this die
Similarities complete comparison (compare yourself to me)
To create the stagnant birth of this standstill, step back
Screaming your hymns of heartache
At the top of your lungs and in vain
This bandwagon is on it's last leg
How long will you beat this dead horse?
I have no compassion as a witness to your demise
Yes, she does bleed
Color me misery
Color me beautiful
Shake the hand of repetition slow
Serenade me with a love song (bullshit)
Tragedy of emotion barely breathing
Yes, she does bleed
We don't dance anymore
I don't love anymore