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Minutes Are Now Hours - Suffocates My Words To You - Remembering Never - Lyrics -

Minutes Are Now Hours

Wake up, you're dreaming again.
Please wake up, I long for us again.
I can't take the ache in my chest.
Please regain consciousness.
Stop pushing me back, these nails are hurting my wrists.
What the hell am I here for?
Your words are jabbing me worse.
Just hold my hand please and you will regain consciousness.
The scabs in your eyes will heal, I promise they will.
Light will pass through, I promise it will.
You're mine and you'll see.
Why don't you just give this up now?
We have gone too far, don't just vomit this out.
Come back, don't go, don't ever leave me again.
Give me back my broken heart because it is all I have left, you ruined everything else.
Maybe I can wait, give me back my broken heart.
Just hold my hand and you will regain consciousness.
Don't just give up now.
Give this up.
We have gone too far.