How Soon We Forget

Remember me?
We were inseparable.
If there is a learned it is invisible.
Days turn to weeks and weeks turn to months and slowly to years.
He will be back, there is too much fear in him.
Left in him. You were so easily led but never easily fooled.
Pity can't override the anger in me.
Weekend getaway, drive me around to forget about her.
Drive me around.
Monday will come, then I am done.
Back to work, I am the fucking jerk.
He will be back soon.
Did you really think you could kill me with ignorance?
Don't play stupid to more than one person.
I am not stupid, I see where I stand.
Thanks for everything you haven't done.
No favor can make me smile.
Outside you see laughter and concern.
Inside I have been dead for a while.
I have been dead.
We were inseparable and if there is a lesson to forget that I have already learned.