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Rape Killing Jesus - She Looks So Good In Red - Remembering Never - Lyrics -

Rape Killing Jesus

I will never sleep again until i rest in pieces
i place the blame solely on your hands
for no reason or a purpose
i'm plagued with endless callousness
just one sacrifice can't justify the raping of my life
you've cut my wrists
you've done the dirty work for me
you've taken it all
you've taken everything
my tears have burned cleen
dry and sear holes in my flesh
i want to leave this place
i have nothing left
cut my throat one thousand times
to be with her once more
when all was said and done
you killed two birds with one stone
no omore perfect memories
no more fucking tears
no more memories
my own tears will be thoughts of you and your perfection
the sound of her voice is comfort to my ears
i've got one bullet and the barrel aimed at your heart
i'm killing you like you've killed me
cut my throat one thousand times
empty salt through your hands
to make you feel like me
my last wish
to see your dead fucking body