to swallow my pridewould be too easy
but i need your magnifying glass heart to find the ounce of respect i once had for myself
after turning my days and nights to ruin
i should cut your throat like the rope that tied my hands
well whose hands are tied up now
whose hands
knowing your breathing
everyting we had then
the very thought of you
makes me want to cut my fucking throat
die forever
ill never step out of this room til the sun goes down for the last time
i cant look into your beautiful eyes again
i thik i'll stay where the movies are bad and the endings are long and drown you out
your face cuts so easily
too late to take back the heartless words you said to me
things that brought us together now tearing us apart
i'm removing the life from you which you so call a heart
i wait anticipating the moment you choke on every word