Big Jim's Mistake

lie awake
things will be better the moment you cant wake up
by the way
when did you realize we're better off without you
you'r lying tongue cant spit filth now
my how the weather changes
hiding your knives behind your back
to strategically place them in mine
when you get home...we are now severed
the glass has been broken for the last time
pulling your tongue til it rips from your face
you've always been ugly but not as nauseating as you look now
i hope you slit your fucking wrists to save me the effort of writing your suicide note
your inspiration world of lies
i see your failure in my eyes
tears burn an open wound
burn away the memories of you
tip toeing to avoid your selfish sob story
after everything we've been through
we've got to crawl...crawl back on our knees
you left with everything you ever wanted
you left us and now you get two thumbs up
you're gettin two thumbs up
you get an F for effort
no more sunday migraines
your eyes will forever sulk with all you've burned down
you think your're so cool now
cause she left you now
and left you crying to yourslef
and i cant help but laugh because you brought this on yourself again
in this clip theres 13 ways to say your're sorry
well there's nothing you can say to repair all the damage you have made
all in all you'll never follow through with it
won't you share your revelations
your're ugly and no one likes you