Under The Wings Of Satan

Reaper... rape the cosmic creation
And bind an declaration.
Feel the great storm which fulfils the air.
And sacrifice all fear.

In the greatest kingdom of my inner self
I summon thee, ave Satanas
In the greatest darkness of my inner strength
I call upon, regie Satanae.
In the greatest wilt of my inner being
Hail Satan.

The darkness beyond turns into one
So let it be done
Show me the mystery
To my unsolved fantasy

Lend me the power of chaos
And let it shine upon us
Greeter of madness. Follower of darkness.
I come upon, for as I am your son
Give me the key, and I shall never flee.
But give thee an eternity.

Inquam fusus letalis ira
Furor et letum longe lateque.
Potens nocens eruo quam.

As I stand in the dragon circle,
And are embraced by the wings of chaos.
I see my self like the flame.
Ave Satanas, reige Satanae,
Shemhamforash, hail Satan!!!

For as I am the light of northern darkness
I am the supreme art of the burning essence
I am the mystic beyond
I am under the wings
I am under the wings of Satan