Nocturnal Sphere

Like a demon that shows it's face
No longer in the shadow of the sun
Out from the hiding place
Comes the night's progeny, the nocturnal son

Heavenly sights are obscured
By the shadow with the nocturnal wings
Broadens from a skyline to another
And awake the infernal things
With black dragon wings

It force the sun behind the hills
Whatever it is which darken the sphere
It has an infernal appearance
It gives rise to the human mind's fear
It touch your dreams with evil hands

Fear the dark full of spells
You never know what's coming to you
Maybe it is for you these chiming bells
Maybe you never make it through

It seems endless the night
When it does it's diabolical rise
From the twilight comes the seed from the moon
To give birth to the night and the things it brings

Dark emotions and thoughts
Comes with the moon seed
Pure evil seed which cause the mad man's mind
The demon lord has shown his face
And now it's time to gather the wings
The sun is rising and it's not enough space
For the night's demons and sun's shining