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Rape - Pagar Con La Misma Moneda - Club Mondo Bizarre...For Members Only - Pungent Stench - Lyrics -

Rape - Pagar Con La Misma Moneda

She's lying on the floor with blood between her legs
A man was beating her and compelling to sex
Tears in her eyes
Her mind was in a haze
But she recognised that motherfucker's face
He's the guy who's working in the liquor store
The sales clerk and she's seen him before
The cops didn't believe her and said it was her mistake
When she's dressing up like being on the make
She was trying hard to forget that night
But it didn't work out she felt to dirty inside
Sometime solutions are difficult to find
Suddenly a bestial idea came on her mind
She called up a friend and told her the plan
And asked for help to kill this man
So they were waylaying him and punched his head
He lost conscious but wasn't dead
When he woke up he couldn't move at all
Only could watch the girls cutting off his balls
Blood was splatting red when he started to yell
Crying for his mum because it hurted like hell
They placed his genitals deep in his throat
And watched the suffocation of that fucking goat
All the raped women should get their revenge
"Kill those motherfuckers!" say Pungent Stench