The Soul Must Sleep

"I have crossed the seas, I have left cities behind me,
and I have followed the source of rivers towards their
source or plunged into forests, always making for other
cities. I have had women, I have fought with men ; and
I could never turn back any more than a record can spin
in reverse. And all that was leading me where ?
To this very moment..."
(Jean Paul Sartre "Nausea")

I sink below the waves
is this what I've been looking for ?
it seems
I've found someone to die for
someone to lie for...

I've drunk my fill of misery
it's time to move on
Restless and forgiving
it will lead me to the Grave

Let's leave for other worlds
leave the future behind will has been spent
Let us depart
Before the night steals upon us
The Wretchedness of another day

"The wish, the want, to stay in the dream state,
can leaving this mortal coil be seen as a new
departure?, or a return to a permanent dream state ?
To feel to never want to wake. For here my will has
Been spent..."