Satan's Curse

Hell evil satan's curse from the sky I fall
Metal burns my fucking brain satan took the fall
Deceased men from hell and hatred pollution to mankind
Antichrist My son from hell I will make you mine
You'll die, there's No time to run from hell
You lied, the witch has cast her spell
Your sins will be paid for and sacrified
This is the price
Satan's Curse
Sin hate eternal death decayed my flesh I rot
Running below satan's home lord of hell he's not
Lust for evil son of hell beneath the smoke I rise
Flames torch my body a sinner's Solar eyes
Sacrifice your soul will be doomed your Evil friends who have decieved you
Satan's curse enters your soul beneath you'll burn
Satan's Curse
Sky fades to black as the heavens diminish
Evil takes over the world is finished
Satan's Curse