Evil Warriors

When you wake up in the night and you stare into the dark
Your eyes will scream for sight evil left its mark
You'll be looking all above looking all around
But if you want to see them you have to look down
Tortured by thoughts stricken with fear
Blasted to hell the end is near
As you wait upon your fate your throat is full of pain
And when you try to scream you know it's all in vain
Nothing you can change destiny is complete
Silence seems so strange as you start to feel the heat
Forever to burn infinite pain
Demons of darkness warriors domain
You think you're so secure protected from above
Gaze into the hell fire I know you'll fall in love
They'll hunt you down at night your Flesh is what they want
Your eyes will scream for sight when Evil comes to haunt
Cursed by nightmares when you sleep
They'll cut your throat and blood will seep
Fighting through the mist forever trapped in hell
Crushed with satan's fist you can't escape his spell
Sanity will pass reality is just a word
Evil does its task with its mighty sword
Open your eyes and die by the hand of mass
Escape and you'll defy my long awaited grasp
They want to steal your soul death will steal away
Your wrongs will take their toll below the crust you'll lay
Spell has cast no hope forgotten thoughts of good
Your neck awaits a rope and things go like they should
Enslaved in forever torment blood drips from your eyes
There is no way to repent from your wicked lies
Blades of metal cut off your head
Served as a meal satan is fed
Masters of evil blasters of hell
No one can stop them we're under their spell
Red eyes are glowing with you in sight
And if your knowing scream out in fright