Where, where is my angel, my angel Marlene?
Why, why did we pain you my angel Marlene?

Between the devil and the deep blue sea
Lies a heart that's twisted in agony
Between the carnal pleasure and
The stench of desire
There's a fool, a foil but I am the liar

I'm growing and I'm feeling
In comes the tide and I'm pleading
My fears and my wooing
I sense a storm and your end is looming

Where, where is my angel
My angel Marlene?

Oh she cut like a knife through shining karma
The unspeakable pursues the inedible
I've been torn, I've been drawn
Straight as the razors she held in each hand
Straight as a die - descending low,
Sucking me down
I gotta stop
The frontier of fear
I gotta give in
The ultimate sin
Why must I release you?
Why leave me and die?

Well I'm growing and I'm feeling
Out runs the love, with your bleeding
My tears and my foaming
The same old wolf but in brand new clothing

So lie, lie lonely angel
And die lonely, my love...

Where, oh where is my angel?
My angel Marlene
Why, I never blamed you
My angel Marlene
Lie, lie lonely angel
And die lonely my love... Marlene.