You Lord

i used to do okay on my own
think i was made of stone
that i could carry a heavy load
never thought that one day i'd be all alone
and then the road got long
i saw i was wrong
and had no one to lean upon
but you kept me from falling far below
and taught me something i had ever known that

You Lord, You Lord
can hold my heart in Your hands
You Lord, You Lord
can change me with a fleeting glance
You Lord, You Lord
can push me to know greater things

if i had a dime for every time
i've tried to live this on my own
i guess i'd be a rich man wouldn't i
but money never bought me peace , love or happiness
it only seemed to make a mess
and right about then i'd open my eyes
and once again i realize that


push me out
until i stand on stone and say i've made a choice
push me down
until i'm on my knees and listing for your voice
push me around
until my life touches others and they see what i've found
show me how
i can take this life and give it away