Didn't He

too many hearts
on too many strings
we could cut them down
but instead we let them hang in the breeze
oh my brother tell me why

and why is my sister down on her knees
crying out won't somebody help me
and where are we

didn't He love them
didn't He hold out His hand
wasn't Jesus a model
an example to man
of how we must love everyone in this land
and give till it hurts
isn't that part of the plan

but we can't see through our religious charade
to take what He's given
and give love away

one more night
no place to call home
a torn-up jacket on his back
it's getting pretty cold
where do i stand
do i reach out my hand

and one more child's face
an my TV screen
she's dying of hunger
shy can't we meet her need
and where are we


but we can't see through our holy facade
to do the one thing that we're called to by God


but we've all been blinded
by our selfish ways
can we change this pattern
will we stay the same

Chorus 2x

didn't He love them