Walking Upon Damnation's Land

I'm sailing the treacherous seas
While navigating with pain and strength
My light of guidance, the burning eyes,
is drawing me towards mortality's end
I'm wondering where this voyage will end
An insane death or glorious revenge
Crowned with knowledge and infinite strength
Adorned with visions of wisdom
Humilated until death's end
Maze of fear, chained in blood,
Swimming in sulphureous streams
Walking upon Damnation's land
Mesmerized by an immortal spell
A roaring sea devours my human shell
Indulging in wisdom unseen
Curse or blessing, yet unknown to me
Into the chaos of a rebellious mind, inhaling the scent, sweet and divine
Aeons of knowledge, cryptic defined, circle within circle, void within the
Rising, downfall, untold
Visualize hades, unfold
Tasting the moonblood and see
The gates are opening for thee
Both demons and angels are drinking my blood
Adoring my flesh and naked thoughts
Guiding me to places of ecstacy, excess
Tasting their kisses with an intense respect
"666" - heavenly delight
Numbers are visions in one's mind
"Crucifix" - demonic delight
Objects are tools for a tricky trade
Lurking in the shadows of the winds
Awaiting in the shades of life
The servants of both usurpers
are dwelling in my mind
Crawling towards a pale light
Running towards the thrones of might
The path of the "righteous" one
Is my guiding-light
Walking upon Damnation's Land [x's 4]