Healthy As Hate

Sometimes I feel high
Sometimes I feel so unbelievably down
It's nothing to do with pleasure or pain
No it works its way up
From the pit of my groin
Sometimes I feel high
Something shoots-out with an aching and burning
Throws me to the wall
Over you fall

What's gone wrong with my heart
It seems to beat the wings of evil
Screaming it's loudest when I want to keep quiet
It's shouting out loud
Here is me
Here I am
Take me now
And sometimes it doesn't beat a sound

Sometimes when it rains
I have the urge to break the windows
I put my wrist out to the air
Live long live

I would do almost anything
To rid myself of you forever
I would succumb
To thoughts that verge on maim and murder

No-one can hold me
No-one ever holds me down
Light my lantern
My free heart
Buried six feet underground (x2)
I could despise you
It only rots of sickly pity
Stagnates for who ?
For me or for you ?

I could kill myself
I really have not much to give you
Parchment transparent
You can see right through (x2)

Blood and tongue damn swollen
My mouth makes promises never kept
If only I'd kill you
Sent you to heaven while you slept
While you slept (x5)

But our love won't die
Our love won't ever die
It'll never die
Never (x3)
It'll ever ever die