Gilles de Rais, Lord of Rais

The moon wax in the horizon,
From the space cosmic the mist of the nightfall,
A sorcerer of carnal ferocity and the sadism wild

Your spirit possesses the eternal blaze in an cascade of impurity,
Beyond the eyes arise at a forest a dark temple of shadows

Master of the power sinister of the alchemy singed at a chapel,
In the days of all sancts a chant
Under the sexual inferno in your lasr circle

A black serenity and a diabolical hate run in your veins
A sorcerer devotee of the damned and the guardian of the lights of cruelty

During eight years, thousands of sancts and children are violated
Before the supremacy and fidelity to Baphomet,
The carnal pleasure is awake for the poetic feeling,
Holy inquisitors - eternal silence

Gilles de Rais, into the flame of the malice,
Gilles de Rais, into the malicious dream

Gilles de Rais, rise!
Gillesde Rais, rise!
Gilles de Rais.