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Wizard Son Of Darkness
Album Viewed
Son Of Darkness (1995) 3238
Battle Of Metal (1997) 3699
Bound By Metal (1999) 3968
Head Of The Deceiver (2001) 3918
Odin (2003) 4816
Lyric Viewed
In The Sign Of The Wizard 268
Death Or Glory 325
Rain Of Death 313
Dawn Of Evil 319
Lovesong 319
Enemy Die 335
Son Of Darkness 307
Masters Of The Sea Of Gods 325
Lonely Wolfes 321
Fuck Your Ass 333
Rain Of Death

It seems like a dream but when you open your eyes
you can see reality children are crying 'cause
they've lost their parents. Women are crying 'cause
they've lost their families. You asked yourself for
what is it good for. War is the name of this reality
game. All over the world there is a touch of this game
of this reign of death.

This is the reign of death
This is the reign of death

Children without arms, flames destroyed their faces.
Wherever you see blood and crying people. I asked
you god "where are you?"

Reign of death

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