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Wizard Son Of Darkness
Album Viewed
Son Of Darkness (1995) 3228
Battle Of Metal (1997) 3691
Bound By Metal (1999) 3958
Head Of The Deceiver (2001) 3911
Odin (2003) 4807
Lyric Viewed
In The Sign Of The Wizard 267
Death Or Glory 323
Rain Of Death 312
Dawn Of Evil 318
Lovesong 318
Enemy Die 333
Son Of Darkness 306
Masters Of The Sea Of Gods 324
Lonely Wolfes 321
Fuck Your Ass 333
Fuck Your Ass

You are a bitch, don't know who I am. We felt in love for some
years. But the last time I feel that there is another man.
No more love between us.

I fucked your ass, you sucked my dick, I take my gun and
I shoot you down.

But now I know it and I will kill you. You will get on your knees
and kiss my shoes. When I hold a gun on your head I will see
in your eyes when death came.

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