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Wizard Bound By Metal
Album Viewed
Son Of Darkness (1995) 3230
Battle Of Metal (1997) 3691
Bound By Metal (1999) 3960
Head Of The Deceiver (2001) 3911
Odin (2003) 4808
Lyric Viewed
Prolog 328
Hammer, Bow, Axe And Sword 334
Brave Warriors 294
Dark Wings 327
Mighty Wizard 325
A Nice Day To Die 315
Gladiators Of Steel 318
Unicorn 324
Believe In Metal 303
Spill The Blood Of Our Enemies 323
Battlefield Of Death 316
Bound By Metal 297

And the gods beheld that the thunderwarriors fought hard and brave in the
"battle of metal". However, they wanted to challenge them once again. This test
was called the "battle of steel". In order to aid them in their holy quest it
was decided to bestow unto them four magic utensils.

So the gods called upon the old dwarf and the mighty wizard and told them what
they sought. The dwarf took the sword "Nothung", once belonging to "Siegfried
the dragon-slayer", fused and smithed from it's steel four shakels of metal.
The wizard created the same number of amulets from the skin of a black demon.
He then took the silver shaded blood of a dead unicorn from which he drew four
magic runes, each drenched with natural power.

The power and strength of a bear would be given to the bearer of the hammer
"giants death", the speed of a hunting hawk to the bearer of the bow "heart
hunter", the brutality of a lone wolf to the bearer of the axe "skullcrusher",
and the deafening roar of a black lion to the bearer of the sword "souleater".

Then the dwarf mounted the shakels of metal on the amulets whilst reciting
ancient words of magic power. Thereafter the amulets were presented to the
dragon lords, who brought them to midgard, home of the thunderwarriors. They
recieved this gift and a mighty power flushed through their veins. It was the
power of magic-the magic of steel.

Suddenly thunder rocked the silence, lightning crushed the roof of the hall,
and the two mightiest gods of valhalla -Thor and Odin- stood on the stage. The
god of thunder held his hammer on high. Odin wailed his spear into the
audience. Any wimp present knew now that death was imminent. They disappeared
as quickly as they came.

In the blink of an eye the thunderwarriors conquered the stage: Once again they
would ride side by side with their legion of doom, under the sign of the
wizard, to their next test- the "battle of steel"... So they fought with the
power of metal and again were victorious. They devoured the hearts and spilled
the blood of their enemies. Their weapons found the hearts of all decievers and
liers, crushing their bodies to the ground. After the "battle of steel" was
over the ground was covered by a sea of blood. From that day on the four
thunderwarriors knew that they were forever bound by metal.

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