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Wizard Battle Of Metal
Album Viewed
Son Of Darkness (1995) 3232
Battle Of Metal (1997) 3694
Bound By Metal (1999) 3966
Head Of The Deceiver (2001) 3911
Odin (2003) 4813
Lyric Viewed
Thunderwarriors 327
Named By The Devil 327
Lost Souls 323
Pain 298
The Liberation 323
You Prayed To God For Mercy 319
Thoughts 351
Heavy Metal Will Never Die 330
Our Hate Will Burn You 320
Dragon Lords 324
Battle Of Metal 320
Battle Of Metal

We are ready to fight
We are ready for war
We are ready for the battle of metal

We hear the sound of the horn calling us to battle
We are ready to fight fight for metal
We're riding down the hill with a mighty war cry
We smell the agony of our enemies

We follow our leaders the thunder warriors
Watched by the dragon lord the battlefield we cross
By thunder and fire and metal we are bound
The blood of our enemies spread to the ground

The battle is over we are victorious
The bones of our enemies lay down in the dust
We raise our weapons earthquakes shake the ground
Now the whole world will hear the metal sound!

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