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Within Temptation Enter
Album Viewed
Enter (1997) 4777
The Dance (1998) 1577
Mother Earth (2000) 8690
Mother Earth [SINGLE] (2003) 1707
Running Up That Hill (2003) 1127
Lyric Viewed
Restless 783
Enter 593
Pearls Of Light 546
Deep Within 568
Grace 533
The Gatekeeper 597
Blooded 493
Candles 570
The Gatekeeper

The shadows of the night
are unleashed again
Where their greed begins
the end is near
A morbid hunger for blood
lies in their cold black eyes
They've come to take our lifes away

One by one they died
A massacre that took all night
They had no chance, it was no fight
You can't kill what has been killed before
They died...

With shadows on its tale
He stepped through the portal
Locked the door and ate the key
With his life they took their way to freedom
and he became the final keeper of the key

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