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Vince Gill Vince Gill & Friends
Album Viewed
I Never Knew Lonely (1992) 3576
Vince Gill & Friends (1994) 2952
Souvenirs-Greatest Hits (1995) 6617
High Lonesome Sound (1996) 4029
Super Hits (1996) 4011
Breath Of Heaven (1998) 4212
The Key (1998) 5249
Let's Make Sure We Kiss Goodbye (2000) 4932
Best Of Vince Gill ( ) 3821
Essential ( ) 8109
I Still Believe In You ( ) 4157
Let There Be Peace On Earth ( ) 3646
Pocket Full Of Gold ( ) 3773
The Way Back Home ( ) 3293
Turn Me Loose ( ) 3280
Vintage Gill ( ) 3700
When I Call Your Name ( ) 4303
When Love Finds You ( ) 5407
Lyric Viewed
Don't Say That You Love Me 354
Everybody's Sweetheart 372
Let's Do Something 348
Oh Carolina 381
Oklahoma Swing 361
Turn Me Loose 346
Way Back Home 370
What If I Say Goodbye 353
Don't Say That You Love Me

I'm gonna tell you right up front
So you will understand
I ain't gonna waste your time
'Cause I might not be your man
We won't go makin' promises
'Cause you know it just ain't right
A promise is a promise, girl
And tonight is just tonight
Tonight is just tonight

Don't say that you love me
If it don't feel right
Don't say that you love me
Just hold me tonight

There ain't no need for broken hearts
I know in time they mend
Any fool can fall in love
It's so easy to pretend
Don't tell me I'm the only one
If it doesn't mean a thing
Let's take tonight for what it's worth
And see what tomorrow brings
And see what tomorrow brings

Chorus (to fade)

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