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Vince Gill Turn Me Loose
Album Viewed
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Lyric Viewed
Turn Me Loose 402
Oh Carolina 397
Don't Say That You Love Me 431
Waitin' For Your Love 425
Half A Chance 396
Victim Of Life's Circumstances 382
'Til The Best Comes Along 411
Livin' The Way I Do 382
Victim Of Life's Circumstances

It's 6:05 on Sunday mornin'
And I was supposed to've left for Memphis late last night
But I stopped at one of them old highway places
And 'cause I did I'll sleep in Tarren County Jail tonight

Well I started out tonight with good intentions
But I ended up gettin' sidways drinkin' wine
Well the last thing I remember we was rollin'
And something hit my head and knocked me from my conscious mind

And I'm a victim of life's circumstances
Well I was raised around bar rooms and Friday night dances
ingin' them old country songs
And half the time ending up some place I don't belong

I said, ";Jailor, hey, what y'all got me charged with?";
Well he looked at me and halfway closed one eye
Well he said, ";To mean to say you don't remember Cuttin' up some fool with that bone handled knife?";

Repeat Chorus X 2

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