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Vince Gill Turn Me Loose
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Lyric Viewed
Turn Me Loose 402
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Turn Me Loose

You better turn me loose
Turn me loose you know that I can't stay
You better turn me loose
Well turn me loose you know I'll make it anyway

Well why don't you tell me
Just what's goin' on
Both of us lyin' here
And we both know it's wrong
So why don't you let me
Why don't you leave it alone
And don't keep hangin' on to a love that's dead and gone


Well you can't see it's over
That's really a shame
Well our love didn't make it
No one's to blame
So why don't we say goodbye
Why don't we just say we're through
And I'll be on my way
And I'll get by without you

Chorus X 2

Turn me loose you know I'll make it anyway

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