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Vince Gill Souvenirs-Greatest Hits
Album Viewed
I Never Knew Lonely (1992) 3577
Vince Gill & Friends (1994) 2955
Souvenirs-Greatest Hits (1995) 6624
High Lonesome Sound (1996) 4031
Super Hits (1996) 4011
Breath Of Heaven (1998) 4218
The Key (1998) 5249
Let's Make Sure We Kiss Goodbye (2000) 4935
Best Of Vince Gill ( ) 3821
Essential ( ) 8114
I Still Believe In You ( ) 4164
Let There Be Peace On Earth ( ) 3649
Pocket Full Of Gold ( ) 3774
The Way Back Home ( ) 3294
Turn Me Loose ( ) 3284
Vintage Gill ( ) 3704
When I Call Your Name ( ) 4305
When Love Finds You ( ) 5407
Lyric Viewed
Don't Let Our Love Start Slippin' Away 418
I Can't Tell You Why 390
I Still Believe In You 415
I Will Always Love You 424
Liza Jane 443
Look At Us 506
Never Alone 437
Never Knew Lonely 570
No Future In The Past 394
One More Last Chance 432
Pocket Full of Gold 388
Take Your Memory With You 396
The Heart Won't Lie 432
Tryin' To Get Over You 407
When I Call Your Name 454
Look At Us

Look at us
After all these yars together
Look at us
After all that we've been through
Look at us
Still leaning on each other

If you want to see
How true love should be
then just look at us

Look at you
Still pretty as a picture
look at me
Still crazy over you
Look at us
Still believin' in forever


In a hundred years from now
I know without a doubt
They'll all look back and wonder how
We made it all work out

Chances are
We'll go down in history
When they want to see
How true love should be
They'll just look at us

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