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Vince Gill Let's Make Sure We Kiss Goodbye
Album Viewed
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Lyric Viewed
One 382
Feels Like Love 427
Let??s Make Sure We Kiss Goodbye 409
For The Last Time 386
When I Look Into Your Heart 423
Shoot Straight From Your Heart 387
The Luckiest Guy in The World 386
Little Things 386
Baby Please Don??t Go 426
Look What Love??s Revealing 396
That Friend of Mine 440
Hey God 406

Every little whisper every little sound
Brings me comfort whenever you??re around
A heart full of wonder and sweet reverie
Gives me a reason a reason to believe

Forever??s just begun
We??ll never turn and run
Slowly we??ve become
One, one

Slowly we??ve become one
I love the way we??re different
And the way we??re the same
Making love to each other
Is like shelter from the rain

Isn??t it amazing
What I see in your eyes
I??ll be your partner
And never leave your side


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