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Vince Gill Essential
Album Viewed
I Never Knew Lonely (1992) 3576
Vince Gill & Friends (1994) 2954
Souvenirs-Greatest Hits (1995) 6619
High Lonesome Sound (1996) 4031
Super Hits (1996) 4011
Breath Of Heaven (1998) 4217
The Key (1998) 5249
Let's Make Sure We Kiss Goodbye (2000) 4933
Best Of Vince Gill ( ) 3821
Essential ( ) 8113
I Still Believe In You ( ) 4160
Let There Be Peace On Earth ( ) 3649
Pocket Full Of Gold ( ) 3773
The Way Back Home ( ) 3294
Turn Me Loose ( ) 3283
Vintage Gill ( ) 3704
When I Call Your Name ( ) 4305
When Love Finds You ( ) 5407
Lyric Viewed
Ain't It Always That Way 392
Cinderella 421
Colder Than Winter 399
Don't Say That You Love Me 382
Everybody's Sweetheart 391
I've Been Hearing Things About You 378
Let's Do Something 408
Livin' The Way I Do 381
Losing Your Love 413
Midnight Train 407
Never Knew Lonely 432
Oh Carolina 413
Oklahoma Borderline 373
Radio 417
Something's Missing 415
True Love 414
Turn Me Loose 366
Victim Of Life's Circumstances 366
Way Back Home 416
With You 409
Midnight Train

I'm a long long way from home
Mendin' a broken heart
Runnin' away from a love gone wrong
Tryin' to make a new start
An old friend called me up to say
That you've made some wedding plans
I'm comin' home on that midhight train
And fight for you like a man

Midnight train make your whistle brlow
Engineer pour your load of coal
Midnight train make your engine whine
Midnight train get me home on time

Oh the thought of another man holdin' you
Is drivin' me insane
My only chance is to ride all night
I can't let you change your name
Now hey conductor we can't be late
Rollin' on down the track
'Cause you know tomorrow's your wedding day
I gotta win my baby back

Chorus X 2

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