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The Judds Rockin' with the Rhythm
Album Viewed
The Judds (1983) 3311
Why Not Me? (1984) 4803
Rockin' with the Rhythm (1985) 4645
Heartland (1987) 3792
River of Time (1989) 4186
Love Can Build a Bridge (1990) 4330
Talk About Love (1993) 3554
This Country's Rockin' (1993) 3379
Live Studio Sessions (1994) 3007
Spiritual Reflections (1996) 4470
The Judds Reunion Live (2000) 10004
Lyric Viewed
Have Mercy 420
Grandpa (Tell Me 'Bout The Good Old Days) 802
Working In The Coal Mine 452
If I Were You 376
Rockin' With The Rhythm Of The Rain 646
Tears For You 360
River Roll On 392
I Wish She Wouldn't Treat You That Way 371
Cry Myself To Sleep 372
Dream Chaser 385
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