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The Black Crowes Shake Your Moneymaker
Album Viewed
Shake Your Moneymaker (1990) 6088
Southern Harmony & Musical Companion (1992) 5446
Amorica (1994) 7510
Three Snakes & One Charm (1996) 5944
By Your Side (1999) 5721
1990-99-Greatest Hits (2000) 6399
Live At The Greek (2000) 8516
Lions (2001) 6467
Lyric Viewed
Twice As Hard 475
Jealous Again 520
Sister Luck 523
Could I've Been So Blind 498
Seeing Things 441
Hard To Handle 1014
Thick & Thin 403
Struttin' Blues 430
Stare It Cold 449
Live Too Fast Blues/Mercy Sweet Moan 434
Don't Wake Me 454
Sting Me 400
Twice As Hard

Clean as a whistle
Smellin' like a rose
She got no dirty little fingers
Bloodshot eyes are gone

Tell me I'm wrong

Twice as Hard
As it was the first time
I said goodbye

And no one ever wanna' know
Love ain't funny
A crime in the wink of an eye

Your sister always singing
She play the step child
A broken little memory
Her heart was never kind

Tell me I'm blind

(Repeat Chorus)

Yeah, bloodshot eyes are gone
Tell me I'm wrong

(Repeat Chorus 5 times)

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