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The Black Crowes Lions
Album Viewed
Shake Your Moneymaker (1990) 6089
Southern Harmony & Musical Companion (1992) 5447
Amorica (1994) 7513
Three Snakes & One Charm (1996) 5948
By Your Side (1999) 5725
1990-99-Greatest Hits (2000) 6408
Live At The Greek (2000) 8535
Lions (2001) 6471
Lyric Viewed
Midnight From The Inside Out 440
Lickin' 452
Come On 462
No Use Lying 444
Losing My Mind 512
Ozone Mama 548
Greasy Grass River 500
Soul Singing 588
Miracle To Me 464
Young Man, Old Man 459
Cosmic Friend 460
Cypress Tree 542
Lay It All On Me 495
Cypress Tree

Written by: R. Robinson & C. Robinson

So you found yourself a killer
The one with blue eyes
I guess the bloodstains on the blanket don't lie
Well I guess I saw it comin'
Like a boy I just kept runnin'
But through this crime I have survived

They're gonna hang you from the cypress tree
The crowd gonna cheer when they see you swing
Yeah they're gonna hang you from the cypress tree
Tell me now do you believe?

Glory Hallelujah
I raise my glass up to you
And I bow my head with utmost respect
But I think it's only fair to warn you
That there's a storm that's coming up on you
And like the wind and the rain
My words are direct


It's a funny word 'friends'
You get beginnings and you got ends
I guess I'll see you when we're ashes again

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