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The Black Crowes Lions
Album Viewed
Shake Your Moneymaker (1990) 6192
Southern Harmony & Musical Companion (1992) 5537
Amorica (1994) 7635
Three Snakes & One Charm (1996) 6068
By Your Side (1999) 5827
1990-99-Greatest Hits (2000) 6536
Live At The Greek (2000) 8687
Lions (2001) 6549
Lyric Viewed
Midnight From The Inside Out 445
Lickin' 458
Come On 470
No Use Lying 452
Losing My Mind 516
Ozone Mama 553
Greasy Grass River 503
Soul Singing 594
Miracle To Me 470
Young Man, Old Man 466
Cosmic Friend 466
Cypress Tree 547
Lay It All On Me 504
Come On

Written by: R. Robinson & C. Robinson

Are you feeling me groove ya
Do it get right to ya
Do it creep right on up in your bones
We be frightfully righteous and
If you don't like us man
Take your ear holes and go home
Bye bye go home

We got just what you need
We brought you the remedy

Come on come on
Let's get this thing started
Come on come on
Come on come on
You know we're right on it
Come on come on
It's on

We ain't foolin' we ain't playin'
Lay it down no complaining
Pick it up and break some for you
So get on up out your seat
Because you make this scene complete
And we really like to stick it to you
Yes we do

We got just what you need
Remember the remedy


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