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Squeeze Excess Moderation
Album Viewed
Squeeze (1978) 6868
Cool For Cats (1979) 8000
Argybargy (1980) 7187
East Side Story (1981) 8445
Singles - 45's And Under (1982) 7577
Sweets From A Stranger (1982) 6244
Difford & Tilbrook (1984) 4053
Cosi Fan Tutti Frutti (1985) 5629
Babylon And On (1987) 6148
Classics (1988) 9489
Frank (1989) 5922
A Round And A Bout (1990) 6155
play (1991) 5833
Greatest Hits (1992) 10078
Some Fantastic Place (1993) 4665
Ridiculous (1995) 6662
Excess Moderation (1996) 18610
Piccadilly Collection (1996) 8450
Live At The Royal Albert Hall (1997) 3603
Domino (1998) 5432
Lyric Viewed
Blood and Guts 436
Separate Beds 414
Some Fantastic Place 440
Stranger Than the Stranger On the Shore 399
Striking Matches 439
Take Me I'm Yours 504
Tempted 468
The Apple Tree 455
The Elephant Ride 464
The Knack 498
The Truth 445
Tongue Like a Knife 448
Tough Love 454
Trust 457
What Have They Done? 447
What the butler saw 488
When the Hangover Strikes 484
Within These Walls of Without You 433
Revue 465
Piccadilly 472
Peyton Place 491
I Think I'm Go Go 456
House of Love 433
Hope Fell Down 448
His House Her Home 412
Going Crazy 493
Dr. Jazz 473
Cold shoulder 470
Christmas Day 483
If I Didn't Love You 458
It's Over 448
On My Mind Tonight 429
No Place Like Home 401
Model 462
Melody Motel 483
Maidstone 466
Loving You Tonight 469
Letting Go 479
Woman's World 449
Squabs on Forty Fab 455
Peyton Place


In Peyton Place my heart now beats
And floor boards creak where an angel sleeps
Her hair hung across her face
Like a bush hangs across a wall
She was short with a tidy smile
I could hear temptation call
From a fly in her ointment
To the big feather in her cap
It's a small world we discover
I had once worked for her dad
I was in gear making up stories
And we laughed at each other's tales
I watched her lips I wanted to kiss them
My train of thought went off the rails

In Peyton Place my heart now beats
And floor boards creak where an angel sleeps
In Peyton Place
I lie awake and hear the sound
That the angels make
In Peyton Place

The party was now ending
So she gave me a lift back home
Somehow I felt so nervous
She drove so slowly on the road
Next thing I knew she was in my arms
Her hair was all over my face
I brushed it aside she invited me in
Now my heart beats in Peyton Place

Her hair hung across her face like
A bush hangs across a wall

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