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Squeeze Difford & Tilbrook
Album Viewed
Squeeze (1978) 6892
Cool For Cats (1979) 8011
Argybargy (1980) 7189
East Side Story (1981) 8458
Singles - 45's And Under (1982) 7597
Sweets From A Stranger (1982) 6260
Difford & Tilbrook (1984) 4061
Cosi Fan Tutti Frutti (1985) 5633
Babylon And On (1987) 6167
Classics (1988) 9499
Frank (1989) 5925
A Round And A Bout (1990) 6162
play (1991) 5834
Greatest Hits (1992) 10083
Some Fantastic Place (1993) 4678
Ridiculous (1995) 6669
Excess Moderation (1996) 18637
Piccadilly Collection (1996) 8458
Live At The Royal Albert Hall (1997) 3609
Domino (1998) 5435
Lyric Viewed
Action Speaks Faster 372
Tears For Attention 376
You Can??t Hurt the Girl 362
Wagon Train 459
Hope Fell Down 358
Man For All Seasons 365
On My Mind Tonight 427
Picking Up the Pieces 430
Love??s Crashing Waves 421
The Apple Tree 435
Action Speaks Faster


Action speaks faster
Faster than words
Pull her towards you
Let love be heard
And when we kissed there was a room that had been emptied
You said so much without a word I'd been tempted
Love's not for sale there's not a price
Who could have rented
Who lives here now come out and be found where I have nested

My eyelashes swam up through the tears
The moments that passed took two or three years

And when we talked there was rain and no attraction
Hand to my head, eyes to the ground, no reaction
Our love was home, now it's a fort that's held up to ransom
What of us now, now there's no laughs, where is the action

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