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Squeeze Cool For Cats
Album Viewed
Squeeze (1978) 6868
Cool For Cats (1979) 8003
Argybargy (1980) 7187
East Side Story (1981) 8447
Singles - 45's And Under (1982) 7577
Sweets From A Stranger (1982) 6244
Difford & Tilbrook (1984) 4058
Cosi Fan Tutti Frutti (1985) 5629
Babylon And On (1987) 6152
Classics (1988) 9490
Frank (1989) 5923
A Round And A Bout (1990) 6159
play (1991) 5833
Greatest Hits (1992) 10079
Some Fantastic Place (1993) 4665
Ridiculous (1995) 6662
Excess Moderation (1996) 18612
Piccadilly Collection (1996) 8451
Live At The Royal Albert Hall (1997) 3604
Domino (1998) 5434
Lyric Viewed
Slap and Tickle 486
I Must Go 417
Cool for cats 1293
Goodbye Girl 593
Slightly Drunk 551
Hard to Find 448
Up the Junction 654
Hop, Skip and Jump 436
The Knack 475
It's So Dirty 466
It's Not Cricket 548
Touching Me, Touching You 511
Revue 592
Ain't It Sad 448
Touching Me, Touching You

WARNING: These lyrics are unconfirmed and may be inaccurate. They represent the best attempt at deciphering the song we have yet to see.

I'm always touching myself
I've got nothing else to do
And when I'm touching myself
I'm always thinking of you
Touching me, touching you
I've got nothing else to do
Touching, touching you
Touching, touching me
Here, there and in my hair
And when you touch me

I'm always playing around
Eyes closed, neatly occupied
And when I'm playing around
I think of all the things I like
Touching me, touching you
I've got nothing else to do


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