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Smog Sewn to the Sky
Album Viewed
Julius Caesar (1993) 8337
Burning Kingdom (1994) 2923
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Doctor Came at Dawn (1996) 5329
Kicking a Couple Around (1996) 2180
Red Apple Falls (1997) 5755
Knock Knock (1999) 6994
Dongs of Sevotion (2000) 10637
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I Want to Tell You about a Man 398
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Polio Shimmy 434
Russian Winter 442
Kings Tongue 439
Garb 485
Hollow out Cakes 426
Confederate Bills and Pinball SLUGS 492
Coconut Cataract 414
Fruite Bats 632
Peach Pit 481
Disgust 437
The Weightlifter 499
I Want to Tell You about a Man

I want to tell you about a man
You won't find him on your MTV
He doesn't drop acid
He doesn't even read Dick K. Phillips
He's not a seminal member of New York's new wave scene
He doesn't publish a phantazine
His name is Jesus Christ
His name is Jesus Christ
Don't make me say it twice
His name is Jesus Christ

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