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Rod Stewart Vintage
Album Viewed
Rod Stewart Album (1969) 5670
Gasoline Alley (1970) 5590
Every Picture Tells A Story (1971) 5273
Never A Dull Moment (1972) 5639
Smiler (1974) 7866
Atlantic Crossing (1975) 7106
Best Of Rod Stewart (1976) 11261
Night On The Town (1976) 5947
Foot Loose & Fancy Free (1977) 6012
Vol. 2-Best Of Rod Stewart (1977) 12247
Blondes Have More Fun (1978) 7571
Greatest Hits (1979) 8867
Tonight I'm Yours (1981) 6603
Absolutely Live (1982) 11404
Camouflage (1984) 4982
Out Of Order (1988) 7131
Storyteller-Complete Anthology (1989) 48678
Downtown Train-Selections From (1990) 7966
Vagabond Heart (1991) 8111
Mercury Anthology (1992) 22239
Unplugged & Seated (1993) 10612
Vintage (1993) 10285
If We Fall In Love Tonight (1996) 15081
Ballad Album (1998) 7084
Rock Album (1998) 7021
Best Of Rod Stewart (1999) (1999) 8094
When We Were The New Boys (1999) 771
Lyric Viewed
Amazing Grace 734
Cut Across Shorty 642
Every Picture Tells A Story 612
Gasoline Alley 585
It's All Over Now 611
Jo's Lament 595
Maggie May 1000
Mandolin Wind 606
Man Of Constant Sorrow 709
Only A Hobo 659
Reason To Believe 689
That's All Right 623
Tomorrow Is Such A Long Time 587
You Wear It Well 666
Jo's Lament

(Rod Stewart)

I stayed away so long Jo
don't think that I could come back
You're doin' so well without me girl
you'd laugh if you'd know'd where I'm at

You knew me when it was all my world
Somehow it's all passed me by
But don't let on to my friends Jo dear
that things ain't turned out as planned

You bore my child then I left you aside
I don't expect you to forgive
But Jo I can say in a funny old way
I was sure that I had it made

I still possess a photograph
my memory to refresh
But fade it may Jo I can say
I was sure that I had it made

You bore my child then I left you aside
I don't expect you to forgive
But now I'm not so young and I'm so afraid
to sleep alone for the rest of my days

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